Tricep Workout Routine

If you want your arms to look big, don't neglect your triceps. Your triceps are much larger than your biceps and you'll find that when you build up your triceps, your arms will look much bigger.

Your tricep workout routine can be done in conjunction with your bicep workout routine if you like. This will result in your arms feeling particularly pumped afterwards! You don't need to incorporate them however - you can do your biceps on a different day to your tricep workout. My suggestion is to do them both together for a few months, then for variation, change your routine so that you perform them on different days.

An effective tricep workout routine can consist of the following exercises:

  1. Run or cycle for 10 minutes (to warm up your muscles)
  2. Close Grip Bench Press - 3 sets of between 6 and 10 reps
  3. Tricep Pulldowns - 3 sets of between 6 and 10 reps

For variation, try replacing Tricep Pulldowns with Tricep Extensions.

Every 4 weeks or so, try alternating between one Tricep Pulldowns and Tricep Extensions

The number of reps you perform will depend on your fitness goals.

  • If your aim is for strength or muscle size, perform between 6 - 10 reps
  • If your aim is for muscle tone, perform between 10 - 15 reps
  • If your aim is for aerobic fitness, perform 20 reps or more. For an aerobic workout, you don't really need to stick to this order. Your main focus is on raising your heartbeat - not lifting weights. Try jumping between these exercises and other muscle groups such as legs, back etc. Also, try removing weights and perform between 50 and 100 sets of each.

Make sure you drink plenty of water during your tricep workout routine.

To learn how to perform these exercises, see Best Tricep Exercises.