Fat Burning Foods

Below is a list of the best fat burning foods. These are foods that, in one way or another, help you burn fat.

Some people will tell you that there's no such thing as fat burning foods. Others will swear that there are foods that burn fat.

In reality, foods don't actually burn fat. But eating the right food will help you burn fat.

The natural, low-fat foods listed below should be eaten instead of high-fat alternatives. And in some cases, you may actually burn through more calories eating the food than what the food actually contains!

So, if you want to lose fat, make sure you include plenty of the following natural foods in your diet. Whether they are "fat burning foods" or simply low in fat, these are the best foods to help you get rid of that unwanted fat.

Citrus Fruit

Cirtus fruits are known for their "fat burning" qualities. These are some of the best things you can eat if you're trying to burn fat. Make sure you include a few of the following in your diet.


Generally, beans are a highly nutritious way to burn fat. Beans can be high in protein, while low in fat.

In particular, the following beans are great if you want to burn fat:

Most beans are great for a fat-burning diet, however, avoid eating too many baked beans. They are usually high in sugar - which will turn to fat. Also avoid eating too many refried beans.

To choose which beans to incorporate into your diet, take a look at the various beans and their nutritional value.


Garlic is well known as a fat burning food. Especially garlic oil and garlic juice.

Here is the nutritional info for garlic.

Dairy Products

Research suggests that many dairy products can be effective fat burners. In particular, try to incorporate the following dairy products into your diet:

  • Eggs (high in protein and contain vitamin b12)
  • Low fat dairy products

Olive Oil

When cooking with oil, cook with olive oil. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat (the "good fat"), as opposed to saturated fat (the "bad fat").


Include plenty of whole grains in your diet. Don't believe those who say carbohydrates are bad. Carbs are good, your body needs them. Just avoid the processed carbs (such as white breads, bagels, white rice etc). Instead, use wholegrain bread, wholemeal rice etc.

Here's a list of grains and their nutritional value:

Lean Meat

Just because you're trying to burn fat, doesn't mean you shouldn't eat meat. The right cut of meat can be highly nutritious. Just make sure you get lean meat. Sure it may cost a little more but your health is worth it!

Avoid processed meats such as bacon, salami (very high in fat), and sausages (these can also be high in fat).

Also, it's better to grill meat than to fry it. If you do fry it, use olive oil.

Here's a list of various meats and their nutritional value. You will see a huge difference between the amount of fat on a regular cut of meat compared to the lean version. It's important to look for the lean option when buying meat. Lean meats are usually packaged as "Heart Smart", "Low Fat", or "Lean" etc


Fish is a great source of nutrition. It contains loads of protein and small amounts of saturated fat. Note that most of the fat in fish is "good" fat - essential fat.

In particular, salmon and tuna are a great source of protein and a great addition to a fat-burning diet.

But remember, if you decide to get salmon or tuna in a can, make sure it's not in oil.

Generally, any seafood is OK to eat, but if you're serious about burning fat, make sure the seafood you eat is low fat. Seafood can be misleading with regards to the amount of fat it contains.

If you feel like having seafood, check out its nutritional value first.

Also, as with any food, its usually better to steam seafood than to fry it. That way you're not adding extra fat to your meal. But if you do decide to fry it, use olive oil.

Other Fresh Fruit

Here's a general list of fresh fruit (other than the citrus fruits above). Most fruit is good for your health and can help with your weight-loss mission. Try to include a few of these in your diet too. It's better to eat the whole fruit than to drink fruit juice. Fruit juice is usually very high in sugar and low in fiber and other goodies that the whole fruit contains. You can click on each fruit to find out its nutritional value.


Vegetables are an essential part of any diet. Especially if you want to burn fat.

Most vegetables are highly nutritious and low in fat.

Just make sure you don't overcook your vegetables. Many people boil their vegetables for far too long. This has the unfortunate effect of removing most of their nutrients. They then drain their veges and pour the nutrients down the drain with the water!

Here's an extensive list of vegetables and their nutritional value:

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