Killer Ab Workout

Isn't that a funny term - "killer ab workout". It has a nice ring, but what exactly is a killer ab workout? Well, my interpretation is that it refers to a workout that provides results. How do you know if an ab workout is going to produce results? Well, a good indication is that during your workout, you should be able to feel the muscles doing their work. Sound too simple? Let me explain.

Secrets to a Killer Ab Workout

Many people will try to pursuade you to use their limited set of exercises and tell you that if you stick to those, you will get killer abs in 2 weeks (or some other short timeframe).

My approach is different. Yes, you will find suggested ab exercises here. But no matter what exercises you use, you need to remember the following.

Good Form

You won't build killer abs without using good form. Good form is when you perform the movement in a slow and controlled way. Don't swing your body back and forth. Don't bend your back. Concentrate on your abs and squeeze them for a moment at the right time. This is usually when you get to the top of the movement.

Body Fat

If you're trying to get a sixpack, you need low body fat. This is non-negotiable! Many people incorrectly assume that if they do enough crunches, sooner or later they will get a sixpack. Unfortunately, in many cases, they don't realize that they already have a six pack - their six pack is hidden under their body fat!

You need to ensure your food intake is low in fat. There are actually some foods that burn fat. Make sure you include some of these into your diet each day. Avoid fatty foods - especially those high in saturated fat.

A key factor in any ab workout is aerobic exercise. There are many forms of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise can come in the form of running, cycling, or even attending an aerobics class. Choose any of these, or choose all. Whichever you choose, if you stick to it, you will soon be rewarded with killer abs!


Mix and match your exercises. After about 4 weeks into your workout routine, swap one ab movement with another. For example, instead of doing standard flat-bench crunches, do decline crunches. Or, introduce oblique crunches into your routine.


If you find that your ab workouts are no longer challenging, try adding some resistance. For example, while doing crunches, hold a weight in front of your chest. You will no longer be able to do as many reps, and this will build strength in your abs. Doing less reps with more weight builds muscles strength and size. Doing more reps gives you more of a cardiovascular workout.

Killer Ab Exercises

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