How to Gain Weight Fast

While many people spend their lives in a never ending battle to lose weight, there are some of us whose aim is to gain weight. Sounds strange? Sounds like you? Well, read on!

Many years ago when I returned to the gym after a very long hiatus, I decided to get a fitness assessment. Part of this assessment included me stating my fitness goals. My main goal was to improve muscle tone and have bigger muscles ASAP (is there any other fitness goal for a 25 year old single male?).

Well, the advice from my instructor was that my first priority should be to gain weight. Why? I asked. His response was that in order to improve muscle tone, I first needed to have muscle! He added that being a naturally thin person with a fast metabolism, I wouldn't have any problems with too much body fat. I told him that he would have to teach me how to gain weight fast.

The "See Food Diet"

"Go on a see food diet" was my instructor's reply to my question. A "sea food diet?" I asked, baffled. Yes, a "see food diet" - see food and eat it. Eat as much food as you possibly can. Especially food high in protein. Yeah, carbs are good too. Make yourself plenty of peanut butter sandwiches. Have lots of protein. Yep, high fat food is good too. Did I mention have lots of protein? You get the message.

Along with your workouts, this "see food diet" will help you gain weight fast. The key is to put lots of protein and carbohydrates back into your body after each workout. Try having a meal within an hour or so after each workout. Also, have a big protein/carb meal in the morning, in the evening, oh and lots of peanut butter snacks in between.

Now, I have a healthy appetite but even I have limits as to how much food I can fit in my stomach. That's where the weight gain shake (or protein shake) comes in.

Weight Gain Shake

A weight gain shake is like a milk shake. The main difference between a weight gain shake and a normal milk shake is that a weight gain shake contains a lot more calories. Weight gain shakes normally have a lot of carbohydrates and/or protein. And yes, you normally have a choice of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla etc.

For more information, see the Weight Gain Shake article.

Workout Hard

To gain weight fast, you need to go hard with your workouts. The emphasis should be on your largest muscle groups such as your back, legs, and chest. Don't concern yourself too much with smaller muscle groups such as your biceps and forearms. OK, do some arm movements, such as bicep curls and tricep pulldowns, but don't bother with targeted exercises such as concentration curls for now. Your main priority is building your BIG musclegroups. You'll find that your smaller muscle get an indirect workout anyway.

Great for fast weight gains, are exercises such as the Dead Lift (for back), Shrugs (for traps/shoulders), Squat (for legs), and Flat Bench Press (for chest).

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