Your back muscles are among the largest muscles on your whole body. After the gluteus minimus and maximus (your buttocks), the bilateral latissimus dorsi muscles (sides of your back), otherwise known as your "lats", are the largest. If you want to make serious gains in your workouts, do not forget your back.

Many amateurs don't pay enough attention to their back muscles. They tend to focus mainly on their chest and arms and forget about the rest. Big mistake!

If you think you might be neglecting your back, try introducing some of the back exercises listed here. By introducing a wide range of back exercises into your workouts, you will become much stronger than ever before. Plus, you may even notice improvements in other areas of your workout routine.


The following exercises and workout routine ensure that you cover your whole shoulder and get a great, overall shoulder workout.

Back Exercises

Includes the best back exercises such as the back extension, chin up, deadlift, dumbell row, and more. More...

Back Workout

Shows how to incorporate the above back exercises into your workout routine. More...

Workout Tips

Get the most out of your back workout with these free workout tips. More...

Nutrition Facts

Lose more fat by choosing the right food. Here, you'll find nutrition facts a wide range of nutritious (and not so nutritious) foods. More...

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