Prune Nutrition Facts

General Information

Prunes are a natural laxative (they can prevent constipation) and are known to decrease the risk of colon cancer and hemorrhoids.

The prune is:

  • Low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium
  • High in Vitamin A and Vitamin B6

The nutritional value and health benefits of prunes make them suitable for:

  • Weight gain
  • Maintaining optimum health

Avoid including too many prunes in your diet if you're interested in:

  • Weight loss*

* Eating a small amount of prunes can be beneficial when trying to lose weight but, because most of their calories come from sugar, try not to go overboard.

Nutritional Values

Preparation Serving Size Carbs Fiber (g) Fat (g) Energy (kj)
Dried Prunes 5 (38g) 16.5 3 0 295
Stewed Prunes (with sugar) 150g 29.5 3 0 500
Stewed Prunes (without sugar) 150g 18.5 3.5 0 330
Prune Juice 250ml 44.5 2.5 0 760