Welcome to a Great Workout!

This website was created in order to help people in their quest to achieving a great workout.

You'll find lots of fitness information on this website. You won't find any great overnight tips for gaining/losing weight. You won't find any magic formulas to increase your bench press either. What you will find is solid, proven, methods for achieving a great workout.

Achieving a great workout can be attributed to a number of factors. Finding the best exercises is very important. But there is more. Great nutrition and getting plenty of rest are crucial factors too.

Key topic areas on this website include:

Workout Routines and Plans



Losing/Gaining Weight

Or you can go straight to the individual exercises...








Over time, this website will build up a wealth of information as I share my knowledge in these areas to assist you in achieving a great workout.

Please enjoy!

About Me

Hi, I'm Ian. Health and fitness is an integral part of my life. I believe that keeping fit and eating well can help you appreciate life so much more. If you're looking for me, you'll probably find me in the gym or outside enjoying the great outdoors!


I created Great-Workout.com so that I could share my knowledge and experience in the area of fitness, nutrition, and muscle building exercises. Many people don't know where to start when it comes to fitness and I hope this website can be a good starting point.

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